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A Peek into California's Central Coast ~ Paso Robles

Wine country. What is your first thought? California. Napa. Sonoma. Right? Yes, I can feel the head nods now. California has great wine destinations other than the two mentioned. Don’t get me wrong. They are great. They helped pioneer the way we buy wine in America. But, they paved the way to other great California discoveries. One of my favorites is Paso Robles. Paso is located on California’s Central Coast. It’s an easy drive from Los Angeles to its wine areas.

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Travel Diary: Napa River Inn

Napa Valley. Those two words make wine people very happy. Vineyards, trellis, food, grapes, hills, and don’t forget the wine. Downtown Napa is going through a revival and it is great to witness. The Napa River Inn located at the historic Napa Mill is a quaint and intimate hotel with is in walking distance of shops, restaurants, and the famous Oxbow Public Market.

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Travel Radar: Paris Cocktail Week

Who knew Paris had a cocktail week? Paris Cocktail Week starts Saturday and I am so excited. Although I am not able to attend, I am so glad to not be in D.C. during the joke of a weekend. The City of Lights is known for many things and I’m excited to see what bartenders and mixologists come up with for the week. This is definitely on my radar for 2018. My favorite wine bar in Paris, Lavinia, is participating and I can’t wait to stalk their Instagram to see what they create for the occasion.

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Savannah: Where to Eat, What to Do, and Where to Slumber

Savannah doesn’t always get its do. It’s a city that deserves repeat visits to discover the city, the culture, the food, and yourself. The city goes beyond quaint and charming. Yes, it is both of those, but it’s also hip and at times eclectic. Like many cities, the fun happiest in downtown and on my next visit I plan to explore the outskirts to see what that area has going on as well. 

My home base was The Marshall House considered one of the best historic homes in the U.S. It’s part of the historic homes of Savannah and due to the location is a perfect place to stay and explore historic Savannah. The city is known for their historic bed and breakfasts homes and with the influx of new hotels from Andaz and Kimpton, the city is definitely changing.

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