Savannah: Where to Eat, What to Do, and Where to Slumber

Savannah's Historic Square

Savannah doesn’t always get its do. It’s a city that deserves repeat visits to discover the city, the culture, the food, and yourself. The city goes beyond quaint and charming. Yes, it is both of those, but it’s also hip and at times eclectic. Like many cities, the fun happiest in downtown and on my next visit I plan to explore the outskirts to see what that area has going on as well. 

My home base was The Marshall House considered one of the best historic homes in the U.S. It’s part of the historic homes of Savannah and due to the location is a perfect place to stay and explore historic Savannah. The city is known for their historic bed and breakfasts homes and with the influx of new hotels from Andaz and Kimpton, the city is definitely changing. 

The Marshall House was beautiful and I loved staying there. The staff was pleasant and extremely nice and I loved learning their favorite places in the city. I have a thing for hotel libraries and I loved sitting and reading in the the library. I especially enjoyed their daily happy hour too. 


Savannah cuisine is based on low country food meets modern cuisine. Low country food is based on South Carolina and the Georgia coast. The food utilizes local seafood and it’s African heritage with new twists on classic dishes. 

The Olde Pink House

Cha Bella

Charming and delicious are two easy ways to describe Cha Bella. But, inventive and progressive could be another way as well. A take on the traditional Southern, but with an updated twist. 

The Collins Quarter

The Collins Quarter brings the concept of Melbourne, Australia to Savannah. After a decadent and delicious brunch, I was hooked. I loved the lack of pretentiousness, the food, and the vibe. Every day I was in Savannah I stopped at Collins for my fix - lavender mocha latté.

The Grey

I learned about The Grey through Bon Appetit magazine and I knew I wanted to eat there. It's not often you see an African-American woman running an award winning kitchen and Mashama Bailey is doing just that. The Grey is an old Greyhound bus station reimagined as one on the city's popular restaurant. 


Wine Picks:

Savannah didn’t have a wine bar, but there were a few places with great options on the list that you must check out if you are a wine girl like me. The Grey and The Collins Quarter had great wine selections that veered from the traditional Califonia heavy wine lists and represented many places around the globe. 


Savannah Riverboat Cruises. I like being near water, playing in the water, and on water. A riverboat cruise is a great way to learn history and relax. 

Savannah College of Art & Design Museum. A visit to this museum is a must. 

Architectural Savanah. I said it before. I think Johnathan gave one of the best walking tours I've had in the U.S. When I return to Savannah, I plan to go on the tour again. 

City Market. A mixed-use shopping, dining, entertainment, and art area.

Broughton Street. I loved staying on Broughton because I was able to shop, get coffee at a local spot, and my green juice fix. The Lucas Theatre for shows is also on this street and only one block from The Marshall House. 

Leopold's Ice Cream. I make no apologies to only love Blue Bell Ice Cream. But, Leopold's is a close second. The Grey is the only place you can get Leopold's Snickerdoodle ice cream so don't forget to have it while you are there. They ship people. That's all. 


The Marshall House on East Broughton street is in the middle of everything. It's a great place to use as a focal point to tour the city. I suggest catching an Uber from the airport and walking everywhere you need to go. Historic Savannah is easily accessible by foot and it's a great mode of transportation. The city also has rental bikes and it's easy to use those as well. 

Andaz Savannah is also located in the Historic District and has a boutique hotel feel with only 151 rooms. 

Kimpton Brice Hotel is quintessential Kimpton and is a modern and quirky hotel.

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