To Savannah: A Love Letter

Savannah, Georgia

I didn’t plan to fall in love with Savannah. I had always wanted to visit, but it was somewhere over there, on a travel list far away. It was on the list, but it wasn’t high on the list. Foolish girl. Savannah, I love you.

I arrived in Savannah on a direct flight from Baltimore on Allegiant Air. I don’t normally travel on budget airlines, but the Allegiant flight surprised me. The staff was great, plane clean, and for someone who hates to fly - a decent flight. Savannah is only an hour and a half flight from me and now there is no reason I can’t visit more often. When I visited, Savannah was recovering from a hurricane and although there was debris in many of the streets and squares the city was up and running. Their resilience and pride were evident in every shop, restaurant, and cafe I visited. 

Savannah, like most southern states, has a past steeped in racism, but they own it. The history is evident everywhere in Savanna, but instead of acting like it never happened they honor it. I was honored to discover Savannah’s history (one of my favorite subjects) and thankful that I was able to see it in person. I’m looking for more books on the true history of Savannah, so if you know of any please leave in the comments.

The way I like to visit a city is through food and culture and preferably on foot. Savannah is a walking city. The squares are to be explored on foot to stop, maybe take a seat, and take it all in. It’s easy to get around and I suggest not renting a car unless you plan to visit Tybee Island. I took a walking architectural tour of historic Savannah and I would do this tour again. I plan on visiting Savannah again this year and I can’t wait to explore it more. Savannah is home to the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD), a premier art school in the U.S. The school has a museum that is definitely worth visiting. I loved exploring Savannah's streets, talking to the small shop owners, and eating the great food. 

I'm sure you are thinking; Julia where did you stay and what did you eat? Stay tuned. 

Savannah, I'll see you soon. 

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