The New Normal

It’s been a hell of a time. Many of you know, or if you are new to my site, my mother passed away suddenly in late August. Needless to say I am trying to process it all and get to this new normal. The process has been more than just grief, it’s paperwork, accepting I won’t hear her force, trying to continue to do the work I am called in the world of wine and travel, and honor her legacy. I’m grateful for everyone who has reached out, grief counseling, meds, therapy, and the gift of being her daughter. Traveling has now taken on a new meaning. Hell, everything has taken on a new meaning.

I have said it before and I will say it again. I would not be a wine writer had it not been for my mother. Her encouragement in late 2015 was the reason I took down my beauty blog of 10 years in 2016, rebranded, and started writing about wine. Not only was she my mom but my cheerleader, best friend, and an inspiration.  

As with all change, I slowly work my way through things. Literally, work, travel, eat, and live. I woke up Saturday morning and decided to re-do the entire site. I needed something to do. What do you think? I need simplicity at the moment. I need something fresh. I created a press page where you can read my work and see what I have been working on.

I have also decided to bring back my newsletter. As of now, it will be monthly and going out on the first Friday of the month. It’s called “Métier” which means an activity or occupation one is good at. One thing my mother taught me is to be good at living authentically. So that’s what I’m going to write about. My métier is to bring stories that inspire you to live authentically and to find an activity or occupation you are good at based on wine and life. And a little beauty. Forever a beauty girl.

Let’s métier together.