Rosé. Not From Provence, but Just as Delicious!

Rose Not From Provence.jpg

I love Provence as much as the next Francophile, but when we talk about rosé we can also look at other regions. Provençal rosé is definitely a thing here in the states. I work at a wine store and once warm weather hits we begin to get inundated with rosé. Often it's my job to let consumers know about the vast rosé's from different regions. A few of my favorite regions are Chinon (Loire Valley), Burgundy, and the Gigondas appellations. 

The Loire Valley definitely produces gems in wine, but the characteristics of the Chinon rosé's are interesting. They have a juicy and fresh taste that works well for summers bountiful array of vegetables. 

Burgundy, considered the king of Pinot Noir produces what I like to think of as very elegant rosé wine. It's meaty. It requires food to really open up what makes it unique.

Gigondas, known for producing bold and interested reds create rosé that is so interesting it requires more exploration. They are not the easiest to find for rosé, but once you do it's hard to not be hooked.