Burnt Hill Farm Summer Solstice Natural Wine Festival. I'm Going! Are You?

Burnt Hill Summer Solstice

A few weeks ago I was able to meet Drew of Old Westminster Winery and the Burnt Hill Project in Maryland. I had tried the wineries wines, but when you actually meet the winemakers it create a connection that is hard to replace. During our tasting and conversation he mentioned a summer solstice at Burnt Hill Farm and I was like “what?” The hippie in me immediately said “I’m going.”

The Summer Solstice Festival is “a natural wine festival celebrating the best low-intervention winemakers from around the world under a giant circus tent.” It is the DC/MD/VA (“DMV”) landmark festival for the natural wine community and will feature 30 natural winemakers and importers pouring over 100 wines.

Then Drew said the words that changed everything for me: KRISTA SCRUGGS of Zafa Wines and I knew I was going. As a Black woman in this space to see a Black woman winemaker I respect, hung out with, and actually enjoy being around I’m stoked.

Krista Scruggs

I know you are probably thinking “natural wines, Julia. Really.” Yes. I am not the first person who has issues with the definition of natural wines because it carries a weight that all other wines are not natural which is wrong. But that is for another day. There are some wines I like and some I don’t. And this has nothing to do with natural.

What matters is I am here to support the winemakers and I am here to support Krista because her wines are that good. It's going to be a landmark gathering of the natural wine community in the DMV featuring 30 natural winemakers and importers pouring 100+ wines. 

You may be wondering, Julia which winemakers will be there. Take a gander:

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If you live in the DMV area, I have a code for half off:

Here is the link to purchase.

Also, let me know if you are coming?

I’ll be there dancing with a wine glass, taking it all in, and having a good time.