It Starts With Wine - Uruguay

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Wine Enthusiast Media: It Starts With Wine - Uruguay

My favorite way to watch television like most people now is to binge watch it. I love all the food shows, but there aren’t many shows that focus on wine, region, and people so I was very happy to find out Wine Enthusiast was making a series with Amazon Prime Video. It premiered last month, but I was finally able to watch it and not only watch it, but savor it. What documentaries like It Starts With Wine is allow the voyeur in all us to travel and to use our minds and virtual taste buds to explore.

As a wine professional people always ask if I get tired. No. It is always changing and evolving. There is always something new to discover. In this documentary I discovered that I really need to visit Uruguay and specifically eat food prepared by Francis Mallmann while drinking Bodega Garzón.

Bodega Garzón has been on my “to sip” list for awhile. It is not like I can’t get the wine in America, I could. But, what I want is to not only try this wine, but try it in its terroir. I want to see the soils that nurture and honor the vines. I want to place my hands on the earth where the vines live. I have a few wines on my radar from Bodega Garzón.

  1. Extra Brut. Bubbles. Always. Let’s get the party started.

  2. Tannat. I like to think of Tannat as the family member you are supposed to like, but you actually don’t. It’s weird and usually doesn’t present itself well, but with a little finesse you realize you are both different, but you can agree to disagree.

  3. Marselan. I have never heard of this grape. Never. And the curious nature of this Sagittarius has me thinking I really need to taste this wine. Now. I’m on the search to have this in the next few months.

I will back next week for my thoughts second episode in a country I fell in love with the first time I visited in 2004. My beloved, Argentina.