Book Friday: Read These Books

2016.07.22 Book Friday

Where has July gone? I spent the first two weeks traveling and it now I'm moving full speed ahead trying to get everything done and the books on my summer book list read. I always feel I bite off more than I can read when it comes to books. My library holds list are coming in faster than expected. I recently decided to read books in order because I hate feeling I can't keep up. Plus, I have so many books I'm supposed to read in advance for this blog and they are on the back burner. It's all good. I'm blessed to be able to have so many great books to read. 

The Black Widow by Daniel Silva. Every two years Daniel Silva releases a book on his character Gabriel Allon and every two years I'm hooked. I love a good mystery/thriller book. This series jumps from continent to continent and I am here for it. Also, how cool is it that the spy is actual an art restorer. It's rare for me to buy physical books because I only want to look at books on my shelves I love seeing. Silva's books are on the shelves now. All of them. 

Modern Lovers by Emma Straub. I discovered Emma Straub through her book Vacationers and have been hooked every since. Her writing is smart, witty, and fun. I always pre-order her books because my summer won't be the same without her writing. If you are headed to the beach this is the read for you. 

Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler. Memoirs. I can't get enough. My friend Cecilia mentioned this book to me last year and the buzz around this book. Stephanie chronicles working in New York restaurants and as a person who enjoys food and the backstory I enjoyed this book. It reminds me of why I love food memoirs. The stories and the characters never disappoint.