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February Reading List

I decided to showcase this month's reading list at the first of the month instead of the end. I realized I needed to put my book reading on a schedule this month. This may not work moving forward, but I will let you know. If you use the library to check out e-books you know the dilemma. You put your name on the hold list and then all of a sudden all your books come in at the same time which means you can’t turn the wi-fi on your Kindle because you still haven’t finished the other 3 you downloaded. 

So here is what I plan on reading for February. I’m sure I will throw a few extra in the mix. 

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January Reading List

There are so many good books out right now and I always say I don't have enough time to read them all. I'm hoping to read a least 40 books this year and so far I have already read three and I'm currently on my fourth. With a little, less than two weeks to go in the month and I am hoping I can get through one more. 

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