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Thank You!

There are no words to express what you, my dear readers, mean to me. You have stood beside me and supported me on this writing journey since 2006. This year has been busy and this space has lacked my own words because I've been burning the candle at both ends writing for other outlets. I have dreamt of this moment for years and I am appreciative although everything is happening at the same time. I'm not complaining. I'm ENJOYING as my friend Renee likes to tell me.

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Your Wine Glass Ceiling is My Wine Glass Box. An Open Letter to Karen MacNeil and the Wine Industry.

Last Saturday afternoon my phone, emails, and notifications blew up with mentions of your blog post Women and the Wine Industry and your SOMM Journal article Beyond the Wine Glass—A New Glass Ceiling?  Before I commented I wanted to read the post and the article. I wanted to sit with them because I am a woman in the wine industry. I’m a new convert to the profession and I hoped the article would give me insights. It did, but it also lacked what is obvious in the wine industry too – diversity.

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