Last Bottle: The Best Deals in Fine Wine

Last Bottle

"Julia, where do you buy your wine?" This is a question I'm often asked. I rely heavily on my wine friends and writers who never steer me wrong. I am bookmarking wine from people I follow on Instagram too. I find like most people I can get in a rut with my wine buying. I know some wine snobs don't believe in buying wine at the grocery store, but I think if you do your due diligence you can find some winners outside of the big name brands. 

This past weekend there was a big uproar over this New York Times opinion piece by Bianca Bosker. I am not going to go back and forth on it. After recently reading her book Cork Dork, I can see both sides. But, as a person studying wine education, it's hard to get behind the opinion. I want people to branch out of their comfort zone with wine and in life.

Here's where Last Bottle comes into play. Last Bottle is a website that sells quality wines at discount prices. This is not cheaply made wine. These are bottles from Napa Valley, California to be discovered, sipped, and/or cellared. If you do decide to purchase from Last Bottle get ready to be impressed and to find additional wine storage. 

Image via Last Bottle