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Wine Review: Troon Vineyard

I get asked one question a lot. Do you enjoy all the wines you taste? The truth is no. Yes, there are bad wines. But, the wines I tend to buy to cellar and drink have been good. I like to think there are some I could drink for the rest of my life. The ones that if I had all the money in the world I would cellar as many as I possibly could. In order to taste better, you have to taste a lot. There are wines I come back to over and over again. It’s like I can’t get enough. Troon Wines are wines I often recommend and if you can get your hands on their Malbec you will be shocked it’s made in Oregon and not Argentina. 

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Wines of Tunisia

I'm talking Tunisia for this #WineWednesday. Most people can’t find it on a map or why it should be of interest to the wine world, but it should. Tunisia is located in North Africa and is bordered by Libya, Algeria, and the Mediterranean Sea. This climate along with the sea air allows for this smallest country in North Africa to produce some exceptional wines. I had the opportunity to taste a few of Tunisian wines at the Tunisian Ambassador’s Residence and my mind was eager to understand the wine and my palette eager to taste.

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