Hella Open: Wines for a Wine Down (S2: E3)

Hello Open

We find Issa this week ready to get her single lady game on. My first thought went to the old school Chill Deal Boyz song “I’m Single.” We are now seeing Issa coming to terms with dating and putting herself out there which is hard at any time, but definitely after a long term relationship. It’s funny watching Issa so out of her element. Her beautiful awkwardness is one of the things I love about this show.


Spoiler Alert

I spit out my wine when Issa asked Molly to teach her how to “hoe.” It sounded so normal like asking Molly to teach her how to dougie (a popular dance a few years ago). Issa wants to get her “Halle Berry” on and feel good. Since Issa has been out of the dating game I think her wine this episode should be just as open-minded. I’m upgrading Issa and Molly's going out wine and staying in wines.

Issa. First up is the easy and affordable 2016 Avinyo Petillant Vi d’Aguila Muscat Petit Grain from Spain. This is a slight effervescence and drinkable wine that won’t break Issa’s wallet, but it’s food friendly and different.

My second pick is one of my recent favorites that I frequently drink. This is the wine Issa should bring to Molly after their first outing as a thank you. The 2015 J.L. Chave Selection “Mon Coeur” Cotes du Rhone is the wine to plan an adventure. Issa wants to go somewhere where she feels exotic and this wine can be her gateway to an epic adventure.

Molly. I absolutely adore Molly; especially this season. She’s growing. She’s trying and she is open in ways she didn’t probably think was possible. I just need her to stick with a therapist and quit making excuses. But, it’s real life. Therapy only works if you are willing to stick with it. Trust me, I know. I still go.

Everyone needs a best friend like Molly. Even when she’s mad and hurt has been there for Issa. I’m usually a good wing-woman to my friends and I think that is what makes a friendship special. You may not always agree, but you are there. Present. In the moment. Loyal.

Her revelation on Mr. Good on Paper was eye opening. She deserves to revel in her new bookshelf with a glass of 2014 Rusack Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine is a crowd pleaser she can request with her colleagues in Chicago, but also very drinkable while she and Issa add a few good novels to her bookshelf. It’s also a great wine for Molly to cellar for when she makes partner. Yep, I’m naming and claiming Molly is going to a partner in her law firm.

Since Molly had to show Issa how to hang out again she needs something they both will love and will go with Issa’s wings. I suggest bubbles. But not just any bubbles. Italian bubbles. Specifically, Ferghettina Rose Brut from Franciacorta. Molly is funny, charming, approachable, and at the end of the day is a loyal friend. She is reliable to her friends even when she isn’t reliable to herself. She is Franciacorta.

If you are not listening to the official Insecure Podcast, InsecuriTEA you really are missing out. Crissle and Francheska are everything.

See you next week for another Insecure “wine down” pairing.