Hella Shook: Wines for a Wine Down (S2: E5)

Wines for a Wine Down

It’s like whoa! This week’s episode has me questioning Issa and Molly as a mad duo. I think Issa should join Molly in sitting on a therapist’s couch. You can only do your hoe phase for so long before you realize you need to talk to someone with some letters behind their name to deal with your issues because what she is doing is not working. You can see she is still in some kind of Lawrence pain. I can't wait to see how this progresses in the next few episodes. Where's my wine?

Spoiler Alert

Issa. Issa. Girlfriend. Let’s chat over some wine. It’s more than a wine down. It’s a wine intervention. We know you still haven’t fully processed the breakup with Lawrence and you going back to the scene of the crime with Daniel is evident. Don’t get me wrong. Do you, but you trying to do a Molly really doesn’t work. We know both of you and Lawrence really deep down want to be together, but it’s hard. Relationships are hard. Yep. I hope this works out for you because...my goodness.

This week you really need some amazing wine, especially after your car accident. This week you should wine down with Locations French Red Wine with grapes from Bordeaux, Roussillon, and Rhone. This is an easy sipping wine and perfect for the bad few days she’s been having from work and the car.

Issa is also sipping Lake Chalice ‘Cracklin’ Savie’ Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc NV. This is a beautiful and easy sipping Sauvignon Blanc. For the people who say Sauvignon Blanc doesn’t have any flavor has never tasted this sparkling wine. It goes well with a variety of foods and is perfect for those last few days of summer.

Molly. Girl. I know we all react to bad news in different ways, but this was a bit much. Especially at your parents vow renewal. I understand being disappointed in someone but your reaction was a bit much. I know you need to be comforted, but in the arms of Dro is not going to help you. But since you want to go there we will. In your post coital bliss you would not people popping bubbly, but rather something reflective and the perfect finish to her evening like a Ferreira 20 Year Tawny Duque de Braganca Port. It’s a smooth finish to a very unsmooth evening.

Lawrence. So now we see Lawrence internet stalking Issa and Daniel when he sees her and Daniel on Kelli’s Facebook page. He knows he misses her, but he’s too stubborn and a coward to just tell her. So as he continues to stalk her he would be sipping a cognac. He needs something chill and to take his emotions. Specifically, Maison Rouge V.S.O.P. Cognac. He needs something to ease his heart from the photos. Cognac always works.