Hella LA: Wines for a Wine Down (S2: E4)

Wines for a Wine Down

This week’s episode had so many layers to it. It was almost too much. I was traveling home yesterday and decided to watch the episode in the airport lounge. Someone should have warned me. I was moving my screen around hoping someone didn’t see what was on it. Okay, Lawrence. Cough, cough.

Issa is trying to deal the best way she knows how to get over her breakup with Lawrence. Going out. She’s excited to do the Kiss-n-Grind because she needs her girls and she needs to get back on the market.

Since this episode is about Los Angeles, I decided all the wines will be from California.

Spoiler Alert

Issa. I paired Issa with a Non-Vintage Laetitia Brut Cuvée. She’s happy and going out so we are upgrading her with a budget friendly sparkling wine to get the party started. She’s excited to meet her new online boy toy, Felix. Although Issa seems a little off once she sees Daniel, she put on her big girl panties and faced the music.

Molly. I paired Molly with a fabulous red. The  2012 Quintessa Rutherford Bordeaux Blend is all Molly. It is full bodied and complex. Molly is all those things even if she doesn’t realize it yet. Every week her character opens up more and more to me. Molly is shocked when Kelly decides to pour out her wine because they have to go to the party. You never pour out Quintessa. Ever.  Molly has a big decision to make in the episode and she needs to return back home to an epic wine. 

Kelli. Kelli needs to pace herself so she’s sipping 2016 Matthiason Rosé. Kelly is always going to be the life of the party. We see her waiting on Molly to get ready so they can go out and she has been drinking to keep herself amused. This rose is a delicious and easy to drink. It makes waiting easy. Trust me on this.

Prentice. If you don’t know the name Prentice Penny, get ready. You will. He directed this episode and he is going to be a household name. Since the showrunner guides the show Prentice is drinking an inaugural vintage. The 2012 Schramsberg Schwarze Vineyard Brut. He’s celebrating Insecure getting signed for another season. He wants something with bubbles and wants to support his home state of California.

I became obsessed with Prentice after watching the entire series of Upscale. In the show, Prentice set off to “upscale” his life. He’s meeting with people in various fields and exploring what it means to do things differently in your life. Get involved.