Hella Questions: Wines for a Wine Down (S2: E2)

Insecure (S2:E2)

Whoa! Did you see the latest episode of Insecure? My goodness it is a doozy. Issa Rae and the lovely ladies of the show give me what I need every single week. I watched this week’s episode with a glass of 2016 Cassagnoles Rosé Plaisir (France / Gascony). This wine has a bold pink color and easy on the lips. It has everything I like in a good rose - character, depth, and goes well with food. Rose doesn’t have to be a porch pounder. I just wish I had some leftover shrimp and grits to pair this with. Summer may be coming to a close in a few weeks so add this to your list.

Spoiler Alert!

Issa. Issa. Issa. Issa. It’s been a rough time in her life. Issa would rather be anywhere but a land where Lawrence isn’t returning her calls. The part at the art exhibit (shout out to Evie) was hard, especially when she realized Lawrence was dating someone else. Girl, I have been there. I get it. Issa should wine down with Liquid Geography's Rosé. Liquid for the courage and the geography to be anywhere else. She could barely read the really great book The Turner House by Angela Flournoy because she needed to check Instagram. Sometimes love sucks. Yeah, I said it.

Molly. I worked over 20 years at law firms and Molly’s struggle is real. It happens so often on all levels from the attorneys to the support staff. Kudos to Molly for trying to do things she doesn't like (Hockey? Okay girl.) to figuring out why the boss is discussing Latour as if she has no idea what this is. Thank you to the writers for showing Molly opening up at therapy. Therapy is one of the best gifts anyone can give themselves. Molly is opening up and although the process as a viewer we know it’s going to get better for her if she sticks with it. At the next partner event, Molly should bring Miraval Rosé. A classic Provence rose. Despite the celebrity owners, the rose is still good. Plus it gives the partners something to talk about. And yes they love to gossip.

Tiffany. She knows all the gossip but refuses to share all the details of what she is really going through. My personal term is mess pot. She’s stealth. She sneaks up on you. She will wind down with Whispering Angel’s Rosé. She wants us to think she is innocent in the gossip, but we see you Tiff. We. See. You. I can’t wait to see Tiffany’s dirt. It’s coming.

Kelli. Kelli will always be the life of the party and the one person who brings sarcasm, humor, and sarcasm to any situation. She likes to get “Saturday drunk on a Thursday.” She’s sipping Crios Rosé of Malbec. It works for Thursday or Saturday and because it’s from Argentina she can throw a little tango into the mix as well. This is my go-to summer rose. It’s so good that you will want to drink it well into the fall in wine. Let’s bring the party like Kelli, despite the seasons.

See you next week for another Insecure “wine down” pairing.

P.S. My favorite part of the recap is when Yvonne Orji says "this ain't moscato!" So glad it isn't. Yeah, I said it. So tired of "I only drink moscato/sweet wines" talk.