Hella Great: Wines for a Wine Down (S2: E1)

Hella Great

If you have never heard of the HBO Series Insecure you may be living under a rock. The show just currently kicked off its second season on Sunday and I dare say even better than the first. I suggest binge watching season one. It’s smart, funny, and has so many layers. It’s great to see beautiful women who look like me reflected on television. Issa is a gift.

I am not here to recap episode one from season two. I’m here to pair wine with each character.

Spoiler Alert.

Insecure 1

There is a scene in the movie where Issa and her friends throw their long lost “Wine Down” party. It’s a party not only to drink wine but to actually wind down from daily life. In the episode, Issa pulls out a gallon of Rossi red wine and I almost spat out my wine. It also got me thinking. What if I could upgrade their next “wine down” based on this episode? A wine recap? Absolutely.

Insecure 2

Issa. 2015 Alain Jaume’s Réserve Grand Veneur (Bag in a Box). Issa’s smart, funny, beautiful, but works at a nonprofit. She is not going for estate styles just yet. I’m upgrading her gallon wine to a boxed wine that actually tastes delicious. This is not the Franzia you are thinking of from your college days. This is a classic Rhône blend of grenache, syrah, cinsault, and mourvèdre. Issa can pull bring this out at her next wine down and not feel judged by her friends.

Molly. 2015 Turley “Estate” Napa Valley Zinfandel. Molly is a big time corporate attorney and Issa’s best friend. Molly not only brings humor and love to her relationship with Issa, but she will be bringing great wine. I imagine Molly had this Zinfandel at a firm event and decided to become a member of the Turley fan club. This is a sold out vintage and Molly can’t wait to share it with her friends.

Tiffany. 2010 Brown Estate Napa Valley Zinfandel. Tiffany understands membership has its privileges and no better privilege than bringing Napa’s black owned Brown Estate wines to the party. Tiffany pulled this beauty out of the wine cellar. This isn’t a retail wine. You won’t find this wine on the shelf at Ralph’s. She’s there to let them know she knows more about wine than them. She even brought her own wine opener.

Kelli. 2016 Alloy Everyday Rose by Fiction Wines. Kelli is the party girl of the group. She’s not trying to impress anyone. She wants to get tipsy and have a great time. Kelli doesn’t care about the latest vintages, the winemaker, or how many points the wine received. She wants something easy, drinkable, and lacks pretentiousness.

See you next weekend for another Insecure “wine down” pairing.