Wellness and Wine. The Perfect Oxymoron.

2015 Jean Louis Chave Mon Coeur Côtes du Rhône

2015 Jean Louis Chave Mon Coeur Côtes du Rhône

Wine and wellness. These words seem like an oxymoron. It’s really my life. As a wine professional I had to find the balance between my job, my wine studies, and being healthy. I have a job of decadence. There are days when I go from one wine event to another. It can be taxing on the body and the spirit. It took quite a bit of juggling to understand what worked for me.

Everyone is different, but for me, it means I have to workout. I have to get on my yoga mat, use my essential oils, hit the gym, sweat, take a spin class, or my new favorite - aqua boot camp. When I was in Cuba despite being busy I made it a point to move despite walking around all day. I needed that concentrated time to escape from the hustle. I can say I’ve found a balance. It means my day starts slowly by keeping my phone in another room, setting an intention, movement, a great breakfast, and then work. I’m more productive, sleep like a log, and I feel great.

I think how many times I have shared meals and a great bottle of wine with friends. Most of my family members don’t drink. My wine memories come from the communal table of friends who I consider family. I feel good when I’m with them.

The 2015 J.L. Chave Mon Coeur Côtes du Rhône reminds me of my friends and family. It’s happiness in a glass. A beauty of a wine from the incomparable J.L. Chave. An affordable Syrah and Grenache blend that will have you reaching for your decanter, Nina Simone on the speakers, and a few of your closest friends.

Wellness. It’s not all about the workout.