Let’s Make Way for Rosé Weather

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Rosé. The word can add joy to your lips or make you roll your eyes. It’s almost the time of year where rosé will be everywhere. Here’s looking at you spring and summer. I know you are there. It certainly is spring in Louisiana right now.I enjoy a good rose, crisp, and has depth. It has to pair well with lighter summer foods, but doesn’t need to be so weak and lacking that it tastes like pink-colored water. I am not a rosé just to drink rosé drinker. If there is no structure or complexity you can keep it. Yeah, I’m a wine snob like that and I can admit it. There are some great rosés and some less than lovely ones as well. But Field Recording Everyday Rosé is definitely in the rose you want to drink. Often. And it comes in a can. Perfect for my picnic basket. I’m a fan of most wines from Paso Robles. It has quickly become one of my favorite wine regions and I haven’t had a bad one from the area, yet.  

I know you are thinking. Julia? Wine in a can? Yes, it has a great finish, crisp, bright, and full of nuances on the palette. It holds up well to food. I suggest you get on the mailing list to be ready to purchase when it’s time. The cans are hard to find outside of California, but thank goodness for the internet where you can find lovely things like this wine. Trust me. You want these wines in your life.

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