Wines of Tunisia

Wines of Tunisia

Wines of Tunisia

I'm talking Tunisia for this #WineWednesday. Most people can’t find it on a map or why it should be of interest to the wine world, but it should. Tunisia is located in North Africa and is bordered by Libya, Algeria, and the Mediterranean Sea. This climate along with the sea air allows for this smallest country in North Africa to produce some exceptional wines. I had the opportunity to taste a few of Tunisian wines at the Tunisian Ambassador’s Residence and my mind was eager to understand the wine and my palette eager to taste.

Wine is a complex endeavor. Everyone’s palette is so different and depending on what you are eating and what you have eaten can all play a role into how you, as an individual, interpret the wine. The following were two of my favorites.

The Domain Nefereis 2005 Selian Chardonnay Reserve

At first taste very lovely and after numerous sips it opened up and became beautiful. Unlike the over oak and buttery notes that can be found in many an American chardonnay this wine with hints of stone fruit was balanced and as it opened up was enjoyable to drink. Note: to open a wine this is where the swirling in the glass to get air helps. 

Ceptunes Jour Et Nuit Mornag

Rosé all day, every is the motto in the U.S. and this beauty from Tunisia should be on every patio come summer. It’s light and refreshing and not a heavy alcohol rosé which is perfect for dining al fresco on a beautiful summer evening. 

I’m hoping these Wines of Tunisia get distributed in the U.S. I know there is a market for different wines from all over the world and I can’t wait to try them. 

Photos: Jai Williams Photography