NFL Monday Night Football + Naked Winery

NFL Monday Night Football + Naked Winery Outdoor Vino

NFL Monday Night Football + Naked Winery Outdoor Vino

The last post felt very good to write. I have some more stories about my wine adventures in California coming soon. Today is Monday and since that means football, I want to mention my partnership with Naked Winery. I will be sipping some of their fun-named and delicious wines while watching NFL Monday Night Football every other week. It's like a bucket list dream come true. I get to paint my nails, drink wine, and watch football? Thank you, God, for this life.

Let's talk about wine.

I met the lovely folks at Naked Winery at the Wine Bloggers Conference. When I pitched them my idea of wine and Monday Night Football they were stoked and introduced me to their Outdoor Vino.

NFL Monday Night Football - September 12, 2016. Two games. Hallelujah!

  • Steelers v. Redskins
  • Rams v. 49ers

Naked Winery's Wanderlust White Outdoor Vino

The Wine. This wine is made specifically for what it says - outdoors. The Wanderlust White is bright and floral. I get melon and a flower component when I breathe it in. I put my entire nose in the glass, but it easily works with a tailgating solo cup, if that is your kind of thing. The packaging is made for the outdoors. It is not glass, but a plastic bottle that and twist-off time so you don't have to worry about a corkscrew or glass shattering. If you want to be fancy, and really who doesn't, I love using the heavy plastic wine glasses you find at this time of year. This is a great wine for the last few weeks of summer parties. 

Food Pairings. I'm a big fan of simple and clean salads in the summer for parties and this would work great with a watermelon feta or my favorite arugula and shaved parmesan. 

Vintage. 2015

The Price. $18.00.

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