DC Living: La Ferme Spring Menu

Last year I discovered a hidden gem in the D.C. area. Well, it was hidden to me. It is a neighborhood restaurant, but it’s worth an Uber ride just to dine here. As soon as you step in you feel as you though you have walked into a hidden gem in Aquitaine, France. Its rustic chic setting is a world away from the noisy and busy streets of D.C. La Ferme is a go-to when I want delicious and traditional French food without all the hype. La Ferme recently contacted me about trying out their revamped brunch menu. I can appreciated a good brunch where it’s not all about pounding down unlimited drinks, but enjoying the good food and company. The meal was a 3-course prix-fixed menu and was just enough for a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

The first course was a Fricassée of snails and mushroom Provençale served in a puff pastry that transported me to the first time I had escargot in Paris. The cream sauce was a perfect balance to the snails and earthiness of the mushrooms. I plan on going back to just have this dish.

If an omelette is on a menu I always have one. This time, I opted for the crèpes filled with chicken, spinach, wild mushroom, gratinéed with Mornay sauce. The only time I eat crepes are usually in the Les Halles area of Paris on a side street on my way to my next sight seeing spot. This was different. It was elegant and delicious and had me for a split second wanting to learn how to make them. It only lasted a second. Why bother when I can come back to La Ferme?

I am usually not a dessert person, but since it was a part of the menu I wanted something refreshing and the mixed sorbets served in a tulipe was a perfect finish to a great meal.

La Ferme is worth a visit and many frequent trips.

La Ferme
7101 Brookville Rd.
Chevy Chase, MD 20815