Book Friday: Read These Books

2016.07.01 Book Friday

It's no secret I love to read. It gives me immense pleasure and I usually photograph my books for the gram (in my old lady voice). I realized I needed to share this passion on the blog because many people don't use social media and are always looking for a good book. It's summa, summa time which means relaxing with a good book on the beach, hammock, patio or wherever you develop your reading skills is a good idea. I actually like to sip wine and paint my nails while reading. It's a funny hobby. Let's get on with it shall we? 

The Perfect Find by Tia Williams. I finished this book in three days when I got it in April. Tia is the reason you are reading this blog. I feel like she unleashed the beast when I met her in March 2006. Her writing is spot on, hilarious, and brutally honest at times. You will laugh, cry, and shout when you get to the end. Then you will slowly close said book, hug it to your chest, and then ask - when is the sequel.

Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes. I know you read, You. Please tell me you read You. Lie to me if you have to, but you cannot go another day without reading You. While you won't be able to put it down you must. You then head to your bookstore and get Hidden Bodies the sequel. Read with caution and pray you never run into anyone like Joe. Ever.

Love, Loss,  and What We Ate: A Memoir by Padma Lakshmi. You know her from Top Chef, but do you really know her? You will after reading this memoir. I think Padma is one of the best food writers I have ever read and I am always jealous of the food she gets to eat. Her memoir of her life is written in the kind of prose you want to cuddle. I remember telling my friend Cecilia you must have this book on your bookshelf. Go buy it and then talk to me after you read the section on her marriage to Salman Rushdie. If you want a good memoir sprinkled with recipes to wet your appetite then this book is for you.