Beauty: Clarins Spring 2016 Collection

Clarins Spring 2016

I have a running joke with friends. I always say leave your skin to the French. I started saying this because as a follower of All About the Pretty you know I have a love affair with all things, French. A true Francophile at heart. Don't get me wrong I love other places, but I feel very comfortable in France. 

I've always loved taking care of my skin, but it wasn't until I studied abroad in Paris that I really got the "skin" thing. I remember thinking wow, these people smoke, drink, eat full fat cheese, drink wine, coffee, and their skin looks good. What is it? I eventually discovered a few secrets. Yes, they have a beauty routine, it's that they don't want to admit it. Publicly. It's upkeep. I want to look like I haven't done anything, but I've spent an hour getting ready. I got it. Not everyone wants to admit to a 10 step beauty routine. That is more my style and it is #worththewrinkle.

Clarins plays a big role in French skin. After all, it is a French luxury skincare company. I recently attended the Clarins Spring 2016 Beauty Tour featuring their Skin Care Specialist and Makeup Artist, Christopher Truffia. I learned they had reformulated my favorite Multi-Active Day and Night, added a few new colors to their natural lip perfectors, and still has one of the best tinted sunscreens on the market.

I will be applying their self-tinted lotion every day after my trip to Mexico next month. I need to keep the brown-girl bronzed going all through summer. I'm headed to Paris tomorrow for a last minute trip and praying I have time to stock up on Clarins at CityPharma. If we ever get there because it's a lovely winter we are having this spring.