Falling in Love Again with philosophy

philosophy beauty.jpg

I remember the first time I heard about philosophy. My friend Leslie was making dinner and we were watching QVC. Leslie was extolling the virtues of their products. I remember thinking, really? So I should get some. We both loved the way Cristina Carlino presented the products but I wasn't ready to bite the proverbial beauty bullet. It was something in her natural delivery that made me want to use the products. Eventually, Hope in a Jar became a staple, I never travel without my Purity Made Simple cleanser, and Amazing Grace will always grace my beauty arsenal.

Leave it to philosophy to peak my beauty girl interest with two of their newer products – a face mask and a mist. I will admit I love a good mist. I like to mist my face after my weekly facials, during the day for a beauty pickup and let the scent and all the skincare goodness soak in. Last night I used the mask again and I can say it is a keeper. My skin loves it and since I was up early today for a day trip to New York City my makeup is thanking me I showed my skin a little love. Thank you philosophy for years of creating products and making women feel special. 

It's simple luxuries that make a lifestyle.